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Engine & Equipment

Our approach:

  • If you don’t have it you don’t need to look after it and it costs you nothing

  • Keeping it simple to reduce maintenance and cost

  • It is easier to live without something than to lead a life of problem solving 

  • Fit bow roller

  • Make chute for chain drop (in the forepeak)

  • Fit two mooring cleats

  • Mark chain and mooring lines


  • Lofrans Tigress windlass - 1500 Watts


  • 10 mm G4 high test galvanised chain

  • 80 m & 40 m length


  • Plastimo Kobra 2,35 kg

  • Mantus 25 kg

  • Mantus 20 kg

  • Plus some others!

Instruments & Navigation
  • Sextant and appropriate tables, star map

  • Nasa Clipper Echo sounder 

  • Brooks & Gatehouse Vulcan 7 Chartplotter

  • ONWA 7” combined chart plotter and AIS transponder

  • Standard Horizon combined VHF and AIS receiver

  • Nasa Clipper GPS repeater

  • Plastimo Contest Compass

Electrical Installation
  • 2 house batteries: AGM 130 Amph each

  • 1 engine start battery 

  • 1000 Watt inverter

Engine & Tanks
  • Beta 38 HP engine

  • Shaft drive and three bladed feathering propeller - Sea Stream

  • 70 litres tank

Jordan Series Drogue

Fitted series drogue plates: 10mm stainless steel / 7 bolts - 10mm SS bolts - 4mm backing plate - 30cm long.


Jordan Series Drogue is an indispensable insurance policy for any ocean cruiser. It appears to be the safest way to survive a severe storm. Can be purchased ready made or it is not difficult to make it yourself.

Dinghy & Yuloh

It was important for it to be light, maintenance free, a reasonable size and to row well. 

After a prolonged deliberations we were offered the use of Chris Rees design 9ft dinghy, fibreglass mould.

  • No gelcoat to keep it lighter

  • 2 layers of 300gsm and 1 layer of 450gsm

  • pigmented polyester resin

  • Built in buoyancy bow and stern. 

  • Two rowing positions plus fin sculling