The Crew

Linda & Pete

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We bumped into each other in 2017, while at loose ends in New Zealand. A seeming coincidence resulted in us sailing together for 10,000 nautical miles that year, alas not many more since then as we’ve been busy building this boat. Our escape to the sea is an imperative, more than ever. 

Pete sailed all his life, clocking up over 200,000 nautical miles mainly in boats he built, until he met Linda and his life changed for good!  Linda sailed here, there and everywhere packing in a few sailing adventures. She temporary swap her exciting life at sea with boatyard and will soon be a vagabond sailor again. 



  1. "Mantis" National 12 racing dinghy

  2. “Stormalong” Wharram Tane 27ft (Built)

  3. “Shilla” 1921 Vintage 6m yacht  (Restored with Annie Hill)

  4. “Badger” Benford 34ft Junk Rig Dory (Built with AH)

  5. “Missy Lee”  Westcoaster 20ft  (Restored & converted to junk rig)

  6. “China Moon” Catamaran 37ft junk rig - (Designed by Pete and built with AH)

  7. “Moonshine” Dufour 27ft (Converted to junk rig)

  8. “Shanty” Kingfisher 20+ (entered in first Jester Challenge, 2006) 

  9. “Pelican” Freedom 33 (Converted to JR)

  10. “Oryx” Bernt Kohler KD280 (Various modifications to 33ft, built)

  11. “Blossom” Pearson 367 JR (Converted to Aero-Junk)

  12. “Kokachin” Le Forestier JDP 12.5m (Bought hull & decks, completed with Linda)

  13. “Last Penny” Hurley 20ft Felicity - bermudan rig!

I built my first boat at the age of 22 with a plan to sail across the Atlantic. Since then I have sailed in all the oceans and anchored in some very remote places. I love to try new things and it is not surprising that I built and had quite a few boats.  The list might not be finished yet!  I like all aspects of seafaring: boat design and building, testing different rigs,  sailing and pilotage, as well as charting unexplored places. As an active proponent of junk rig I am perplexed by so many cruisers failing to appreciate the numerous and important advantages of this simple and inexpensive rig. 


Linda said: "He is an old salt young at mind and heart, with a fine mix of adventurous spirit and childish joy, whose life is building, converting and sailing junk rig boats. Despite weathering many storms, and entertaining an occasional mermaid, he  remains  composed, unperturbed and at peace with himself and the world".



I spent magical 30 years living on a houseboat in Little Venice.  A trivial episode showed me the futility of working to pay for things I realised I did not need, which changed the course of my life.  I left London and landed in New Zealand. To my great surprise I bumped into Pete. A tiny sweet boat that I had just bought in NZ was temporarily abandoned for a sail on Oryx.  After seeing  Pete single-handedly tacking to the  tunes of yet another gale while performing what looked like Brazilian capoeira in the cockpit, I thought it might be fun to dance  a tango with him!

My love affair with the sea and the boats began in early childhood, on the island of Korčula in Croatia, where I was taken to the sea regularly. My father’s heavily loaded boat was caught in a strong afternoon wind. The waves began filling the already full boat. When my father hurryingly started throwing large stones into the sea to avoid sinking, I remember wondering with astonishment  at the huge seas surrounding us.  Many decades later I was looking at the threatening Southern Ocean with the same awe.  The sea became and remains my life’s dream, something that fulfils me, and where I feel that I belong.


  • "Užežena I" Canal-Houseboat, steel, built 1979

  • GP14 - sailed with Russell Crew-Gee

  • "Užežena II" Canal-Houseboat, designed by Linda, fitted out with RCG)

  • "Li Ti" Colvic Contesa 28 (renovated with RCG)

  • "Gipsy Moth IV" shipwrecked in Tuamotus 2006, fortunately did not drown!

  • "Tecla" Converted herring fishing vessel, built in 1914. Crewed from Auckland to Falkland Islands. 

  • "Francis H" Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 14 - converted to Aero-Junk with Pete

  • “Kokachin” Le Forestier JDP 12.5m (Bought hull & decks, completed with Linda)