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The Splash!

Updated: Jun 28

Dear Friends,

Looks like we are going to make it, despite last month's trials and tribulations with insurance, which caused a last minute delay. A story better not to be told, at least for now.

Preparations are in earnest for the ship shape ship. We are excited and so should Kokachin be. She is ready, looking splendid, unlike us!

The yard just moved us, in preparation for the launch. We can already see the sea through our windows. Sundowners in the cockpit gave us a taste of life to come.

Ring your bells, spread your arms, sharpen your voices, warm your hearts, open your minds, clap your hands, raise your glasses to give Kokachin and us the most amazing send off to the sea.

Wednesday 22 June, middayish UK BST (high tide 1.15pm)

The Splash


Linda & Pete

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